Monday, May 26, 2014

Tula Pink and VW Vans!

I just half to say I love Tula Pink, and I really love VW Vans. So here is my take of here free pattern that i got from her website! Its a great weekend project and perfect for Summer, i will be teaching this project over the summer at the Cloth Castle!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I want to whine a bit...

Warning… There might be a slight case of moaning and whining ahead...

I have been a busy bee these last few weeks,
At the Cloth Castle I have completely redesigned our website as well as our blog and Facebook pages from the ground up, giving them fresh clean makeover as well as updating all the new stock into our online store (talk about data entry).

At home we have been having a constant whirlwind of showings and open-houses, I’ll tell you it takes a lot of energy to keep the house in a continuously clean state and I just want it sold...ughh,
I also have become one of the Vice-Presidents for our local Modern Quilt Guild, have been busy helping that get up and running, and if that wasn't enough to do on top of my normal work scheduled, I have started working out three times a week with my personal trainer, Chantelle or as I jokingly call her the "Princess of Pain", she is amazing and a I highly recommend anyone in the greater Victoria area to check her out , I also took on the job of building her a new site and running her social media marketing... ehh who needs sleep when you have coffee, lovely, lovely coffee…

But all whining aside, I have had almost no time to quilt, but I did get my blocks done for the block of the month challenge at my guild, as well as finishing off my burly badge, YEAH! I also get some work down of a few UFO such as my HST quilt, and my modern spider web quilt Double Yeah!

 ... I just need to learn how to go without sleep so I can quilt more... I wonder if I can just get a Caffeine IV, that would be a quicker solution than all the coffee I’ve been drinking.... Pictures to follow after my guild meeting!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Burly Badge

For our MQG we are making name tags so I decided I need to make mine with some custom embroidery... So hence the burly badge. I'm looking forward  to see how this turns out. Let me know what you think so far.