Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So a Bit about the Burlly Quilter

So you might be asking yourself, who is this burly quilter and why should I read his blog, well I am here to tell you why. My name is Bryan and I have been quilting for the last seven years. Now you might ask why would a guy in his 20's be quilting? Well all I can say is I guess it is in my blood. Forty one years ago my grandparents along with my great grandmother opened up the Yarn Barn, a few years latter with the newly expand merchandise there name was changed to the Cloth Castle. My Mother and her three younger sister grew up working in the store alongside my grandparents learning the trade. When I was five my mother started to teach me to sew.
Growing up spending my childhood running through the store I learned a lot by osmosis, when I became old enough to be trusted to count correctly I was put to work doing inventory, or restocking the shelves. Latter when I reached high school, i ended up being put to work as the home ec. teachers assistant, and also help design the sets for the school plays. That was also when I was put to work on weekend shifts at the Cloth Castle.
My Aunt Michelle was an amazing quilter and always a patient person, at eighteen I took her beginners quilter class, and well I tell you that quilting bug bit me hard! After I graduated high school I attended a interior architecture design school. Were I solidified my training in colour theory and put it to practical use. I now work full time at the Cloth Castle helping customer daily with picking out just the right fabric to make the one of a kind special quilt.
I plan to use this blog to journal my quilting journey and also tell you about new products, give out tips and tricks, and let you in on any special advents that may be coming to the store.