Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giveaway Winners!!!

So it is time to announce the winners of my giveaway!! I just want to thank everyone for entering, it was really fun to do so thank you! 
Third place goes to Lauren of "Love, Marriage & Insanity from 7,296Kms" she wins a quilt pattern. 
Second place goes to Creative Dawn of  "! VERSANA !" she will be receiving 5  fat quarters!  
And finally first place, and the winner of this will win the fat quarter bundle and the quilt pattern! And the winner is Melissa from " Love Affair WIth My Brother, and my Janome...."
So thanks again everyone for joining my blog and following along.... i hope to make this a regular thing here... let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. Also winners if you could contact me with an address so i can mail your loot to you!  Have fun and happy quilting!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Give Aways!

In honor of creating my own button for my blog!(See to the right) I thought I would have a give away! There is four ways to enter:
  1. Become a follower of my blog (A MUST OR NO PRIZES)
  2. Add My Button on your blog page(send me a message when you add it)
  3. Leave a comment on a article on my blog about the article,  and please NO "please add me to the contest" comments.
  4. Add a link to this contest on your blog( send a message when you add it)
You must be a Follower of my blog to enter,(limit of 4 entrees per person). Event will close on Friday July 22th or when we reach 100 followers. OK so enough of the" mumbo jumbo" you want to know what the prise is right? Well I guess i will tell you...drum roll please....

The Grand prize is a bundle of 20 fat quarters(approx 20"x22") from the Cloth Castle  and a pattern from my good friend Natasha of M&N Patterns!Worth $95 Cnd/ $99 US.

Second place is five fat quarters(approx 20"x22") (Worth $15 Cnd/ $18US)

Third place a pattern from M&N Patterns (Worth $7 Cnd/ $10 US)

HOWEVER there will be a bonus prize (Worth $30 Cnd) for the winner if we reach 100 followers by the First of July! So get all of your friends to enter, to get a chanche to win the bonus prize!

The Prize Bundle Worth $95Cnd/$99 US

The Quilt the kit makes!

Quilt to you Wilt!

Vandy's project

First off I would like to apologies for that lateness of this post, as I am having some camera trouble, but I was able to get a few picture!(More to follow) So Saturday night was our monthly sewing bee at the Cloth Castle called, Quilt to You Wilt.There was about 15 of us that night but it usually has around 30, after the store closes, we open up the store for the QTYW'ers and they take over! Its a great get together with friends and a chance to tackle that pile of UFO's (Unfinished objects). I tried paint sticks for the first time that night and I was hooked. In the pictures below you can see me and my cowerer Vandy using her new stencils and paint sticks! I used fer tree stencil on a old white shirt and i love the results.    

Pictures taken by my  friend Miriam the The Rogue Quilter

Miriam the The Rogue Quilter
Vandy and |I laughing at Miriam
Me Working and having Fun!!!

The Back

Monday, June 06, 2011

Block Swap!!

A sneak peek for Gemma!
For those of you who are not in a block swap group I highly recommend joining one! I just joined my first online block swap group( click on the button on the right for more info) and I was assigned a block swap partner by the sites moderator. We tell our partner what colors we like and tell them what block style we want as well as what we don't like, and they do the same for us. We keep the block secret from them until the revive it in the mail, but i could not resit giving a sneak peek,and because I was so excited I already finished my first block for my partner Gemma's who lives in Tarragona Spain, her blog is  El patchwork de Maro . I cant wait to send this off to her.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

It's Here, It's Here....

This is the kit I won!
So for all of you who follow my coworker Natasha's blog  "The Joy of Quilting"   you now that I won a Slice Fabrique Cutting System and in International Quilt Market at in Salt Lake City this year! And as you can tell its FINALLY HERE! I have some big plans for my new toy, so look forward to some quilts with appliques, YES I  said the "A" word, and i will say it again appliques, and with the slice it could not be easier! Its just as easy as cut and paste, I love it!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Project #1- The Zig-Zag Runner

So I thought I would up load some instructions on how to make this quick and easy table runner, with its distinctive zig-zag or lighting bolt shape it is sure to catch your eye.

  •  Four or six fat quarters
  • 505 basting spray
  • cotton/bamboo blend batting
  • 100% cotton thread
  • tumbler template and accuquilt go
  • rotary cutter, rulers, and cutting mat 
This table runner is six blocks long and it is a variation of the standard four patch.

Basic Directions:

If you have the AccuQuilt go  and the large tumbler dye this quit whips up in a snap, fold your fat quarter in to a six layer rectangle if you are using  four fat quarter, or fold in to a four layer rectangle if you are using six fat quarters.

1/4" seams for all piecing

Once the top is completed to how you like it, use your 505 spray and attach it to you batting. Trim the excess batting off, then place right the sides of your quilt top and the right side of your backing fabric together. Stitch the two long sides and one end of the runner closed leaving a opening on one end of the table runner . Trim off all excess backing fabric, turn the table runner right side out, press it flat andthen  hand stitch the opening closed. Quilt as desired.

Follow the photo to finish make the project for more detail instructions contact me!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

It was a long haul but we made it!

So First off i would like to apologise for the delay in post recently, it has been a hectic time here. I do have a few post on the go with some of the project i have been working on and they will be on on the site soon.  If you have been fallowing along with Natasha's Blog (Joy of Quilting) you are pretty up to date on what we have been doing these past days. We have just gotten back from our whirlwind tour of Salt lake city Utah and Reno Nevada where we attended the international quilt mart as well as the Husqvarna Viking dealer convention. We learnt a lot and we shared a lot of it with you on our show and tell night (may 26th) witch a lot of you attended, so thanks. We also have updated our summer class schedule, witch i am please to announce i will be teaching two classes!!!! So look forward to joining me as we make cute and cuddly hand made toys, and as well as fabric pottery!  Stop by the store for more info!

Flying To Utah

Convention Center

New Riley Blake fabric and slice designs

Friday, May 06, 2011

Salt Lake City,Here we Come!

With The Chery trees blooming, and the days getting longer, it means one thing, International Quilt Market is just around the corner! This year it is hosted the the beautiful Salt Lake City, and the Cloth castle is sending four of us down to the market: Natasha, Vandy, Barry, and myself.
We are all looking forward to learning new techniques, seeing the new gadgets and gizmo's, and of course the new fabric lines! We are planning to keep you all updated as we go, threw both this blog and Natasha's the "Joy of Quilting" (As well as email and photo up loads).
When we get back we will he hosting a "show-and-tell" of all we did, learned, and saw. There will be lots to for you see and do, and it promises to be fun. And there might be a chance you walk away with one of our new"toys" for free.
So mark down Thursday, May 26th, 2011 down on your calenders and update your day-planners, as this will be something you don't want to miss.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So a Bit about the Burlly Quilter

So you might be asking yourself, who is this burly quilter and why should I read his blog, well I am here to tell you why. My name is Bryan and I have been quilting for the last seven years. Now you might ask why would a guy in his 20's be quilting? Well all I can say is I guess it is in my blood. Forty one years ago my grandparents along with my great grandmother opened up the Yarn Barn, a few years latter with the newly expand merchandise there name was changed to the Cloth Castle. My Mother and her three younger sister grew up working in the store alongside my grandparents learning the trade. When I was five my mother started to teach me to sew.
Growing up spending my childhood running through the store I learned a lot by osmosis, when I became old enough to be trusted to count correctly I was put to work doing inventory, or restocking the shelves. Latter when I reached high school, i ended up being put to work as the home ec. teachers assistant, and also help design the sets for the school plays. That was also when I was put to work on weekend shifts at the Cloth Castle.
My Aunt Michelle was an amazing quilter and always a patient person, at eighteen I took her beginners quilter class, and well I tell you that quilting bug bit me hard! After I graduated high school I attended a interior architecture design school. Were I solidified my training in colour theory and put it to practical use. I now work full time at the Cloth Castle helping customer daily with picking out just the right fabric to make the one of a kind special quilt.
I plan to use this blog to journal my quilting journey and also tell you about new products, give out tips and tricks, and let you in on any special advents that may be coming to the store.