Monday, June 06, 2011

Block Swap!!

A sneak peek for Gemma!
For those of you who are not in a block swap group I highly recommend joining one! I just joined my first online block swap group( click on the button on the right for more info) and I was assigned a block swap partner by the sites moderator. We tell our partner what colors we like and tell them what block style we want as well as what we don't like, and they do the same for us. We keep the block secret from them until the revive it in the mail, but i could not resit giving a sneak peek,and because I was so excited I already finished my first block for my partner Gemma's who lives in Tarragona Spain, her blog is  El patchwork de Maro . I cant wait to send this off to her.


  1. You sure were speedy in making the block after I just assigned your partner to you yesterday! The sneak peak shows some beautiful fabrics.

  2. Very, very pretty... I look forward to the reveal! Isn't it fun to make a secret and send to a new partner every month? loving it! That is a great Swap group!!!!