Friday, December 06, 2013

Check, check, check... Now were was I...

So in my previous post I listed all of the things I have to get done for the holidays, and I have manage to check a few of them off!
Yeah me!
I finished decorating the house inside and out, completed sewing a few presents,  and got some baking in; and lucky me I got to enjoy it all while I watch the snow fall( I'm one of those weird islanders that likes the snow)
So everyone keep up the good work and remember only make stuff for people who you actually like or love and you know that they will apreacheat it, and all the work you put in to it. Otherwise what's the point?
It's quicker and easier to buy those ungrateful little monsters a gift as not everyone deserves a hand made quilt, but hey I just call it like I sees it.
Any-hoo keep on trucking and always have fun or your doing something wrong

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